Our Menus

We invite you to savor the flavors of Cuba, Spain and Latin America! Our specialties aren't "spicy hot", instead, they offer a flavorful blend of sweet peppers, garlic, tomatoes and aromatic spices. Our Cuban and Latin American dishes feature black beans, plantains, yuca, rice, tropical fruits, vegetables and seasonings indigenous to the islands and to Central and South America. Our Spanish preparations pay tribute to Galicia, Catalonia, Valencia, the Basque region and the Moorish-influenced southern areas.

Havana Cafe is open for Lunch and Dinner. Please click on the links below to view our menus.
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We offer complete Family Dinners To Go -- "Completas"  -- which are the perfect solution for times when you don't have time (or don't want) to cook dinner yourself. We have nine different "Completas" to choose from — The menu for the Family Dinners To Go can be found on the link below.

                                     Family Meals - To Go